Cross-Cultural Connections at ESL Summer Camp

By: Lexy Deutsch, STP Program Manager, and Camila, a 2015 ESL Summer camper

When asked about three new things she learned at camp this summer, Camila from Ecuador said, “It doesn’t matter if we come from different cultures and different places, there is always going to be something that we have in common, so it is more important to focus on that and also to learn from the differences.”

We welcomed Camila to one of our ESL summer camps this past summer, and she was a tremendous camper winning the Student of the week during the second week of camp. At camp Camila also learned simple new words in English like celery, and she was able to pick up some American sayings such as “bittersweet” or “the blind leading the blind.”

It is clear that what truly impacted Camila was the opportunity to connect with students from around the world in order to bond over similarities and to learn from differences.

Camila had one female roommate, Huyen My, from Vietnam and they quickly became close friends. They only had one language in common, English, and their desire to perfect their English Language skills is what brought them together. Camila said Huyen My loves romantic movies and one day she hopes to study in the United States. Perhaps Camila will choose to do the same.

By the end of camp Camila changed in the following way:

“I think that after attending camp I am more open minded because it helped me understand that not everybody will share the same ideas as yours and you have to accept that and learn from the good things that those other ideas have to offer.”

The activity she enjoyed the most out of all the great excursions was simply the opportunity to visit a Children’s home, where she was able to complete an art project alongside abused and neglected children.

We thank you Camila for being an all-star camper this summer and we wish you all the best!

CCI Greenheart’s ESL Summer Camp is a wonderful opportunity to not only improve your English, but also to discover new things about yourself, make cross-cultural connections, and take advantage of the opportunity to help others.