LC Spotlight on Deborah Cortese

By Jillian Sims, AYP Compliance and Operations Manager

Meet Deborah Cortese – LC in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Deborah has been a CCI Greenheart LC for almost 8 years and has worked with as many as 17 students in one year. That’s a busy Local Coordinator! We asked her a few questions about here experiences over the years.

What made you decide to become an LC?

I decided to become an LC after hosting our first girl from Thailand! I used to help the LC with all of the parties and she was the one that told me, you should do this! You would be great!

Over the years, what has been the funniest memory you have had with your students?

The most funny thing that I can think of was our little girl from Thailand did not know that the toilet paper rolls could come off of the holder to put another roll on. She had taken a roll of toilet paper and had carefully rolled the other paper from another roll onto the existing toilet paper roll!

What impact have you seen in the world as a result of being an LC?

I think that the biggest impact that I have seen is having given students the chance to live in the US and also to see them come back to the US to go to college. I have one boy from Bangladesh that came back and he is paying for his own college. He works in a small store that is connected to a gas station to make money. He is very involved with the college and so he was hired by the head of the engineering department to help him with research! This kiddo is on the go all of the time and he strives to have a better life here in the US!!  It is amazing to me to see his drive and ambition!! I think about the impact in his life that the YES program has made in having him be a part of my students!!

Deborah poses with another one of her Japanese students

Deborah poses with another one of her Japanese students

What do you do in your spare time?

Mostly sleep!! I am constantly looking for new host families! You get a lot of no’s but you just keep plugging away!! I work full time as a Physician Assistant in a very busy Occupational Medicine group! I also work part time on weekends in an Urgent Care Center!

What advice do you have to give to other LCs?

  • Don’t give up! Keep talking to people!! I speak with everyone that I come into contact!!
  • It is a numbers game!! Put yourself out there and don’t prejudge
  • Have fun with your students!

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