Nino Does It All

By Nino Jibuti, Greenheart Club Member and FLEX Student

Hello, I am Nino Jibuti from The Republic of Georgia. I live in Idaho and I’m a CCI exchange student from the FLEX program.

Community service is an activity where you can find yourself in paradise.  For me, we do not have community service in Georgia and it was a new thing that I learned in the USA. From volunteering, I gained experience working for people and making friends. I always feel good if I do some kind of community service, when I help somebody.

During the 6 months I have lived in Idaho, I have done 130 community service hours. I am a member of the Mayor’s Teen Council in Nampa, ID.  As a member of the Teen Council, I have done a lot of activities such as raking up leaves in Nampa, and Christmas activities for children. Twice a month we have a Nampa Mayor’s Teen Councils’ meeting where we focus on planning our future volunteer activities. I’m also involved in school activities too. During the Christmas season, I went with the choir group to sing carols in a nursing home. Also with choir, I have delivered songs on Valentine’s Day and sang the national anthem in the Idaho Capitol Building. I even got to experience volunteering for a political campaign; it was really interesting to see how campaigns go in the USA. I distributed fliers for a superintendent in Idaho. It was a great opportunity for me to communicate with people and have a new experience.  I am involved in church activities as well. In the Church of the Brethren in Nampa, I helped the staff during their Bazaar, packaging candy for Christmas and making popcorn balls for the church members, it was so much fun. Another volunteer activity I am involved in is scoring basketball games in area schools several times a week.

I have such blast doing community service, as I enjoy every volunteer activity I do.

One of my most favorite activities was sharing my country with junior high students. A month ago I did several presentations about my country in a local middle school. I talked to students about Georgia during 5 periods. I showed them souvenirs that I got form my country and shared information. They asked me very interesting questions. The teacher even put some questions from my presentation in their test! I taught the students a couple Georgian words too. After the presentation, in the hall way I could hear the children greeting each other in Georgian. I could tell they really appreciated my presentation. It was neat, a couple days later I got a thank you card signed by the middle school students, I was so excited.