10 months of Memories in 10,000 Photos

by Allison Graham, AYP Outreach and Training Manager

John and Anita Bauer recently said farewell to their two international sons, Giorgio from Italy and Paul from Germany, but not without remembering all of the wonderful moments they had shared.  What started 10 months ago as an empty-nester host family with two stranger exchange students, turned into a tight-knit family. The Bauer’s, as well as the two boys, are all photo-savvy, and so their 10 months of day to day living and new adventures were all caught on camera.

At the farewell party, the Bauer’s presented each boy with the mosaic above—a mosaic compiled of 10,000 tiles that are using 2000 photos that the family (and students) took. The larger photo that you actually see was taken while they were on an RV tour of the Southwest.  What an amazing gift to give!

John and Anita, thank you for opening your hearts and your home to Giorgio and Paul! And thank you for making their exchange experience so special.