Greenheart Fellowship

“The greatest power of educational and cultural exchange is to convert nations into peoples and to translate ideologies into human aspirations.” - Will…
  • Vision

    Greenheart envisions a fellowship made up of empowered changemakers to make William Fulbright’s dream a reality. The Greenheart Fellowship, previously known as the Ambassador Scholarship, is a chance for Greenheart Exchange participants to make a visible, transformational impact on the cultural exchange community.

    This is an opportunity to go above and beyond. You can truly fulfill the mission of a cultural exchange program by engaging with your host community, gaining professional development experiences, and cultural enrichment.

    These individuals play an integral role in furthering the Greenheart mission through their fellowship projects by:

    • Crafting new, relevant, and creative content
    • Intentionally engaging with cultural exchange
    • Acting as an influencer in their home and host communities
    • Identifying and strengthening relationships with other changemakers in their communities
  • Who We're Looking For

    Greenheart Champions

    We’re looking for growing leaders who want to live out our mission of connecting people and planet. These individuals will utilize every opportunity to grow the Greenheart family and share the powerful stories of fellow Greenhearts’ and Exchange Program participants’ creating change in their communities.

    Cross-Cultural Curiosity

    We are looking for open-minded, compassionate individuals who desire to understand and explore new cultures inside and out. Our ideal applicant is dedicated to the mission of cultural exchange and is looking for a tangible way to make this a daily reality of their exchange program. This individual is an active listener and observer and is constantly reevaluating their preconceived notions and stereotypes. This individual’s passion to learn from and connect with others is stronger than the discomfort that may emerge from challenging cross-cultural situations.

    Creative Thinkers

    Greenheart seeks innovative thinkers who will execute fresh ideas and advocate for cultural exchange. We are looking for budding leaders who are looking to explore their community and advocate for the importance of cultural exchange programming!

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    Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis depending on your individual program dates.

  • Fellowship Projects

    All of our fellows choose a track they would like to focus on during their Fellowship: Social Justice, International Mission-Driven Business, or Environmental Sustainability.

    Within these tracks, they will complete various projects for professional development and community engagement. These projects will allow fellows to create and share stories while also using our Greenheart Club.

    Fellows will complete 2 projects per each category for a total of 6 projects (see examples below). We encourage you to be creative! Craft your projects based on your interests and chosen track.


    Project examples:

    Create Stories: Shadow someone in your host community, volunteer at a related nonprofit, organize a cultural event, tour a related business, visit political representative in your host or home community, create a volunteer project/event, revise your CV to reflect your exchange experience

    Amplify Your Story: complete a Greenheart social media takeover, create a video reflecting on the impact of your track, write a blog, direct people to the Greenheart social media pages, create artwork, create a podcast, get media coverage, hold a community event

    Greenheart Club: complete a course, reply to 3 threads on the Greenheart Club, motivate 3 other participants to log their volunteer hours, create a resource relating to your track for the Toolkits page




  • Eligibility

    • Must be an applicant on a Greenheart Exchange program through the Summer Work Travel, Career Advancement (Intern or Trainee), or Teach USA programs.
    • Award amount is dependent on program length.
    • Design a project that follows one of three tracks (Social Justice, International Mission-Driven Business, or Environmental Sustainability).
    • Commit to complete your project within one month of your DS-2019 program end date.
    • Commit to submitting monthly updates and program pieces.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the financial component?

    You will be awarded for successful completion of the program based on a tier system, between $500 – $2000 dependent on the length of your fellowship.

    What are the obligations of the Fellowship?

    You are asked to create your own timeline outlining the execution of 2 tasks in each of the following categories by the end of your Exchange Visitor Program:

    • Create Stories
    • Amplify Stories
    • Greenheart Club Use

    Based on the suggested obligations for each track, found in the application, you will outline and commit to each project you will complete. You will also be asked to participate in surveys, follow Greenheart Exchange social media sites, attend virtual meetings, volunteer in your community, and compile a final portfolio. More details regarding the program obligations can be found at the end of the application form.

    What do you mean by track?

    You can choose one of the below tracks to focus on during the Fellowship: Social Justice, International Mission Drive Business, or Environmental Sustainability. This should be a guiding force for the application, as well as the projects your designs.

    What do you mean “applications are evaluated on a rolling basis depending on your program dates”?

    Applicants will be program applicants of the Work and Travel, Career Advancement, and Teach USA programs. The dates and timelines of each of these programs varies, and some occur on a rolling basis. Therefore, there is no hard deadline for the Fellowship application. A successful applicant should complete the Greenheart Fellowship application before their Greenheart Exchange Program begins, once they have successfully secured a placement for their exchange program in the United States.