Become a Local Coordinator

  • Local Coordinators place foreign exchange students with volunteer American host families and assist them throughout the year.

  • Overview

    Extroverted. Passionate. Self-starter. These are just some of the qualities that our best Local Coordinators possess. These curious and motivated individuals have the rewarding job of finding families in their community who are interested in hosting a foreign exchange student. Local Coordinators also monitor and supervise exchange students and help them adjust to their new life in America.

    Local Coordinator Basics
    • Independent contractor role (eligible to earn a payment)
    • Part-time, work from home
    • Must be at least 26 years old
    • Ability to attend professional development and training workshops
    • Opportunity for domestic and international travel to annual conferences
  • Our Students

    Meet some of the students we have available to host! Let us help match you with a foreign exchange student who shares your family's lifestyle and common interests:

    47 students available


    Switzerland Age 17 Fall 2019

    Florian is a 17 year old boy from Switzerland who likes to stay active, spend time outdoors, and be social with friends in his community. His favorite sport is floorball, and when he wants to relax, he'll watch Netflix or go to the movies. Florian's favorite subjects in school are history, sports, and chemistry. He looks forward to expanding his knowledge of American culture through this exchange program, and he is eager to make knew friends and meet his host family.

    Unique ID: 123816



    Thailand Age 16 Fall 2019

    Pitchaporn, who also goes by Minty, likes to play volleyball and sing karaoke with friends in her free time. She also loves make up art and likes to practice putting on make up for her friends and her mother. Minty attends a tough school at home in Thailand, and she is interested to see how education compares in the U.S. She looks forward to meeting her host family and learning about their customs and traditions throughout the year.

    Unique ID: 116122



    Bolivia Age 15 Fall 2019

    Wayra is a 15 year old boy from Bolivia who enjoys a variety of hobbies and activities including listening to music, playing soccer, going for bike rides, or playing ping pong with his friends. He also has an artistic side and loves drawing landscapes, which he hopes to continue during his year in the U.S. Wayra wants to study electrical engineering in college and his favorite subject to study in school is math. He is eager to begin his exchange year and to step out of his comfort zone in order to learn about a new culture and grow close with his host family.

    Unique ID: 116258



    China Age 16 Fall 2019

    Dongdong, who goes by Russell, is a 16 year old boy from China who enjoys playing basketball with his high school's basketball team. He also plays percussion in his school's orchestra and has made many friends this way. Russell hopes to study bio-science or medicine when he graduates from high school some day. He hopes to spread understanding of Chinese culture in his host community as well as learn first hand about American culture rather than relying on media to form his opinions. He is excited to live with a host family and hopes to make great new friends throughout the year.

    Unique ID: 118614



    Italy Age 17 Fall 2019

    Anna is a 17 year old girl from Italy who is very close with her family and loves traveling with them and spending time in nature together. She loves pets and children and spending time with her friends too. Likewise, she enjoys spending time reading, eating pizza, and studying English! She thanks you for making her dream come true to study in America!

    Unique ID: 125022



    Thailand Age 15 Fall 2019

    Techasit or "Arm" is a 15 year old boy from Thailand who hopes to become a computer programmer one day because he believes the future will be filled with technology. But in the meantime, he enjoys teaching himself guitar, listening to classic R&B and playing sports like basketball and table tennis. He hopes to improve his English in the US and to learn a new culture through his host family.

    Unique ID: 116134


  • Responsibilities

    Local Coordinator Responsibilities
    • Actively seek volunteer host families in their community
    • Provide guidance and support to foreign exchange students
    • Build relationships with local high schools
    • Represent Greenheart Exchange and other Greenheart programs in a professional manner
    • Provide information to American students wishing to study and travel abroad through Greenheart Travel
  • Group Coordinating

    If you are interested in facilitating a short and sweet exchange experience for a number of students coming at the same time, consider becoming a Group Local Coordinator. Group Coordinators place and supervise international students in the United States, recruit and screen host families, and organize activities in their own community for a period of 2 to 4 weeks. Most groups take place in the summer, though programs are also offered during winter and spring breaks as well. Group students come from all over the world, including Spain, France, Italy, Japan, China, Korea and more.

    Qualifications and Responsibilities

    Ideal candidates are highly organized, resourceful, connected to their community (have lived in the same community at least 3 years), able to manage a budget, and experienced in working with students from other countries. This can be a great experience for teachers with summers or other fixed periods of time off. Note that this is a contract position, not an opportunity for full time work.

    • Recruiting and interviewing between 10 and 20 volunteer host families from a community
    • Providing orientations to families and students
    • Leading recreational activities and excursions
    • Arranging English classes and/or school visits
    • Coordinating transportation
    • Providing ongoing support to students and host families

    “Working with the groups has been highly rewarding and very gratifying. The students are also absolutely appreciative for all of their excursions, new surroundings and most importantly, their host families.” — Rosanna, Group Coordinator in California


    • Supplemental income: Group Coordinators earn approximately $2,000 – $5,000 per group (varies based on size, type, and location of the group)
    • Incentive points to be able travel on Greenheart Exchange annual incentive conferences
    • Becoming more acquainted with your community through working with schools, clubs, neighborhood associations, and social and religious organizations
    • Contributing to increased cultural awareness and understanding in the world
    • Must be willing and able to spend a considerable amount of time promoting the program to the local community in the months before students arrive; coordinators must feel comfortable approaching schools, churches, organizations, and individuals in order to identify suitable hosts.
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