Become a Local Coordinator

Local Coordinators place foreign exchange students with volunteer American host families and assist them throughout the year.
  • Overview

    Are you extroverted? Passionate? A self-starter? These are just some of the qualities that Greenheart’s best Local Coordinators possess. These curious and motivated individuals have the rewarding job of finding families in their community who are interested in hosting a foreign exchange student. Local Coordinators also provide support and guidance to host families and exchange students, and help these young people from all over the world adjust to their new life in America.

    Local Coordinators:
    • Network in their communities to find host families
    • Play matchmaker…putting exchange students into host homes where there are shared interests
    • Help hosts share American traditions and perspectives
    • Serve as mentor, problem-solver, and friend
    • Work with local high schools in support of cultural exchange
    Local Coordinator Basics:
    • This is an independent contractor role (eligible to earn a payment)
    • Part-time, work from home
    • Must be at least 26 years old
    • Must maintain regular contact with exchange students during their stay
    • Must have the ability to attend professional development and training workshops
    • LCs have the opportunity for domestic and international travel to annual conferences

    All applicants must live and be authorized to work in the United States and:

    • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license
    • Have an internet connection
    • Pass a Criminal Background Check
    • Become Department of State Certified
    • Have reliable transportation

    Greenheart hires year-round!  Apply Today!


  • Our Students

    Meet some of the students we have available to host! Let us help match you with a foreign exchange student who shares your family's lifestyle and common interests:

    18 students available


    Czech Republic Age 16 Academic Year 2023-2024

    Hello! I'm Alicja, a language enthusiast from the Czech Republic. My journey led me to an international high school, where I conquered my fear of the unknown and discovered excitement in learning. I'm captivated by the diversity of my school, the joy of writing for the school magazine, and my dream of becoming an author. As an extroverted dreamer, I value independence and personal growth. I'm passionate about various sports, finding solace in riding horses, trekking mountains, and skiing. My deep emotions fuel my zest for life, and I'm on a mission to explore the world's cultures. Thanks to my supportive parents, I'm fueled by knowledge, compassion, and the courage to speak up. Thank you for considering me to be a part of your family journey. Second semester #158396



    Germany Age 15 Academic Year 2023-2024

    Greetings! I'm Annika, a 15-year-old hailing from Germany. My life is an interplay of diverse hobbies and connections. For a decade now, I've passionately pursued piano and ballet, and recently ventured into jazz dance. I also find joy in babysitting, often caring for the younger brother of a dear friend. Amidst this, I'm crafting my own piano composition and preparing for upcoming ballet and jazz performances. The waters hold a special place in my heart, be it swimming, surfing, or even ice skating. Looking forward, I'm excited to embark on a tennis journey soon. Overall, my life is a symphony of interests, a testament to my passion for exploration, creativity, and connection. Annika has allergies to dogs, cats, horses, and casein. She also avoids cows milk. Second semester #160953



    Australia Age 17 Academic Year 2023-2024

    I'm Ava, a 17-year-old Australian who has experienced the true Aussie lifestyle. I have a close-knit family, adore animals, and am described by friends as humorous and resilient. In my free time, I enjoy movies, theater, and reading. Sports have been a big part of my life, with achievements in aerobics, cheerleading, Australian Rules football, and high jump. I excel in theater studies and psychology academically and have experience working at KFC and as a cheer coach. I dream of continuing my cheerleading journey and pursuing a career in film in the United States. I'm excited to experience high school life and unique sports opportunities during my stay. I'm eager to learn more about your life and deeply grateful for this incredible opportunity to explore a new world. Special request states: TX, NJ, and FL. Second semester #161412



    Germany Age 15 Academic Year 2023-2024

    Hello, I'm Cosima from Germany. Thrilled for the chance to spend time in the U.S., I'm eager to meet you. At sixteen, I live with my parents and cat, Caruso. Dance is my passion, and I enjoy HipHop and Ballroom classes. I value time with friends, love true crime podcasts, and cherish family outings. School is a joy, especially subjects like English and creative arts. I can't wait to embrace new experiences in the U.S. Second semester #161277



    Italy Age 16 Academic Year 2023-2024

    I'm Francesca, I’m an Italian girl of 16-year-old. I really like to read and talk about the books I have read with my friends. I enjoy spending time with my friends and doing some activities such as going to the cinema, bowling and also shopping. My favorite subject is Math, in fact in the future I would like to study economy. I have an allergy to dust, but it is very light, in fact it only makes me sneeze. I love animals, in particular dogs and cats, but I don't have any of them even though I hope I will have a pet in the future. Second semester #158520



    Italy Age 17 Academic Year 2023-2024

    I’m Francesco, a 17-year-old boy from Italy. I live in a town in the north of Italy with my mom and my dad. I have been playing soccer in my town team since I was six and I love playing this sport with my friends. Every day I have to cook for me and my parents, so I really like this and I am quite good at. I also take private lessons of guitar and go to the scout once or twice a week. On the weekends, I usually ride a motorbike with my friends or go out with my family to visit some cities. I attend the scientific High School, so my favorite subject are Math and Physics. I hope to become an airplane pilot, but if I change my mind, I surely would like to become an aerospace engineer because I am keen on this world. I am also very interested in robotics and IT, sure enough I like find out new things about these topics. I like pets. Second semester #162503


  • Responsibilities

    Local Coordinator Responsibilities
    • Actively network and seek volunteer host families in their communities
    • Play matchmaker…place exchange students into host homes where there are shared interests
    • Provide guidance and support to foreign exchange students
    • Help host families and schools share American traditions and perspectives
    • Serve as mentor, problem-solver, and friend for students and host families
    • Build relationships with local high schools in support of cultural exchange
    • Represent Greenheart Exchange and other Greenheart programs in a professional manner
    • Provide information to American students wishing to study and travel abroad through Greenheart Travel
  • Refer a Local Coordinator

    Do you know someone who’d be perfect for this role and meets these requirements:

    • At least 26 years old
    • Lives in and is authorized to work in the United States
    • Has a valid U.S. driver’s license
    • Has an internet connection
    • Will pass a Criminal Background Check
    • Will become Department of State Certified
    • Has reliable transportation

    Complete this form to REFER them!

    If your referral places a student with Greenheart, YOU will earn a reward.


    • Referral LC must be NEW to Greenheart and have NOT previously hosted OR worked with Greenheart
    • Referral payment will be issued via Visa Reward Virtual Account which can be used online anywhere Visa/Mastercard is accepted
    • Referral payment is issued ONLY if the new Greenheart LC makes a placement for a full year or semester student
    • Payments are sent out periodically on a rolling basis
    • Immediate family members of Greenheart Local Coordinators are NOT eligible to submit referrals
  • Group Coordinating

    Group Programs are TBD.  We are hopeful that Group Programs can resume fully in 2023/24.

  • FAQ

    What is a Local Coordinator? What do they do?

    A Local Coordinator (LC) helps to connect volunteer host families with international students who will be attending public high school in the U.S. for a school semester or full school year. 

    Greenheart has a database of students from all over the world that we match with volunteer host families in local communities.  

    Duties also include:  

    • Facilitating host family (pre-arrival) and student (post-arrival) orientations  
    • Monthly contacts with host families and students (in-person, by email, or by phone) 
    • In-person meetings with host families and students (twice per year for full-year students) 
    What are the requirements to become an LC?

    Must pass a criminal background check 

    Must have reliable transportation 

    Must have access to internet/computer  

    Must be 26 years of age or older  

    Must pass the Department of State required exam  

    What do I have to do to become an LC?

    Complete LC application process.  (Our Recruiting Team will assist you with this.) 

    Pass criminal background check. 

    Take the required Department of State exam.  

    How much training is involved?

    Once you become fully approved as an LC, you will receive training from your Regional Manager or Regional Director.  

    Training typically takes a few weeks to get up to speed, but individuals learn at their own pace.  

    Training is available online. 

    How do I find volunteer host families?

    There are many ways to find host families. Some of the most successful LCs find families by:  

    • Advertising on social media (NextDoor, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) 
    • Reaching out to friends and family networks 
    • Joining networking groups (BNI, for example) 
    • Asking friends and family at places of worship 
    • Advertising in local or community newspapers 
    How can I advance at Greenheart?

    LCs have many opportunities for advancement! Greenheart encourages everyone to set goals and attain them.  

    • Area Coordinators oversee LCs in their areas. 
    • Regional Managers oversee Area Coordinators and LCs in their regions. 
    • Regional Directors oversee Regional Managers, Area Coordinators, and LCs in their regions. 
    Do I have to place a certain number of students each year?

    Greenheart, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, always encourages our LCs in the field to place students by varying deadlines, but Greenheart understands that schools in some areas may have enrollment limitations.  

    Greenheart does not require you to place a quota, but we do encourage you to set reasonable goals.  

    Regional Managers and Regional Directors will do all they can to help you attain your goals. 

    What is the most difficult part of the job?

    Being rejected. Sometimes families may seem perfect to host, but for whatever reason, they just don’t want to commit. Sometimes they just need more time, and sometimes it’s for the best. Hearing people say “No” is not easy, but there is always a “Yes” around the corner and maybe wheyou least expect it! 

    Can I do this from home?

    Yes, LCs work from home in locations across the United States.  

    You must have a computer and an internet connection in order to be a successful LC.  

    What are the perks?

    It’s Rewarding! 

    • It’s a great feeling to connect people and planet. It’s truly rewarding to learn about other cultures and bring the world to your community. 
    • Many LCs learn so much more about their home communities while hosting, too! 

    Placement Payments and Bonuses 

    • $1,100 for a Semester placement and $1,300 for full academic year placement PLUS BONUSES for placing early!


    • LCs can help coordinate volunteer activities so that exchange students can give back to the community that has welcomed them. 


    • Of course, this should be a given. Traveling is at the core of our being! Greenheart hosts international conferences almost every year. Past conferences have been held in Buenos Aires, Madrid, and Athens! LCs who meet the annual placement requirement are invited to attend our all-expenses-paid conferences!
    I live in a rural community. Can I still be an LC?

    Yes! There are many LCs in rural areas, and we’re always looking for more, so we can support each other.  

    LCs must live within a 120-mile radius of their students/host families. 

    Regional Directors and Regional Managers help provide LCs in rural areas all the tools and resources at their disposal to ensure success.  

    I’ve never hosted an exchange student before. How will I be able to convince other people to host students?

    Hosting a student of your own is a great way to encourage others to host. 

    • Hosting is encouraged, but NOT required. 

    Greenheart also provides an online library of tools and resources to help you find host families (online tutorials, printable materials, etc.). 

    Greenheart has a very experienced staff to help you with whatever you need.  

    • Other LCs in your vicinity, Area Coordinators, Regional Managers, Regional Directors, and office staff are all here to support you while you learn the ropes. 
    How many hours per week do LCs usually work?

    LCs work a variety of hours. It really depends on how many host families you’re able to find. The more time you put in, the more host families you will recruit. 

    On average LCs work approximately 5-15 hours per week.  

    As an LC, you are an independent contractor working a part-time position, where you can set your own schedule.  

    Many LCs work at other jobs, full-time or part-time, and do this on the side for fun and a little extra money and travel incentives.  

    This job is also a great fit for a stay-at-home parent looking for some additional work experience or for retirees looking for a way to spend time on something that is important to them. 

    Do I have to host a student to be an LC?

    No, you do NOT have to host a student to be an LC. 

    LCs are encouraged to host, of course, because LCs who do host students have a better understanding of the hosting experience, but it is NOT required.  

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