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Greenheart Exchange
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742 N. LaSalle Dr. Suite 300, Chicago, IL, 60654


Toll-free ( in the U.S. ): +1-866-224-0061

Our Programs

Work and Travel Program

Tel: +1-866-684-9675

24-hour Emergency: +1-855-767-5642

Career Advancement Program

Tel: +1-855-668-5536

24-hour Emergency: +1-855-767-5645

Teach USA Program

Tel: +1-888-440-8750

24-hour Emergency: +1-800-293-7288

J-1 High School Program

Tel: +1-800-634-4771

F-1 High School Program

Tel: +1-312-944-2544

ESL Summer Camp, Homestays

Tel: +1-800-634-4771


International Partners

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Work and Travel Program

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Career Advancement Program

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F-1 & J-1 High School Program

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Teach USA Program

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Short Term Group Homestay Program

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Short Term Independent Homestay Program

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School to School:

Complete this inquiry form if you are interested in organizing a school to school exchange program for your school; this includes hosting international students and traveling abroad.

Host an Exchange Student at your School:

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Hire an International Teacher at your School

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