A Memorable Panorama: Exploring Nags Heads

By: Michael Lewis, Greenheart Exchange Summer Work Travel Ambassador Scholar 2018 

Located in the Southeastern region of the United States is “The Tar Heel State,” known as North Carolina. It is a blissful vacation destination. The state has a landscape that is connected to the Atlantic Ocean beaches and the Appalachian Mountains. It is known to many that Charlotte (home to NFL Carolina Panthers and NASCAR Hall of Fame) is the state’s largest city. North Carolina’s motto, “First in Flight,” honors the Wright Brothers, who flew their first plane in Kitty Hawk on the Outer Banks, which is a barrier island lined with popular beaches. The richness in landscape and history help to paint North Carolina as a premier resort state. 

I worked for the summer in Nags Head, a beach town in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. It forms part of a uniquely elongated stretch of land by the Atlantic Ocean peppered with a myriad of public beaches. The freedom to enjoy a day of relaxation on a public beach can help to rejuvenate the body for another day of work. This is an advantage for me. Grab your best beach wear, a towel or blanket, and sunscreen and head to the Outer Banks beach one day! 

When you visit Nags Head, not only will you be exposed to the beautiful beaches, but you will also be fascinated by landmarks like Jennette’s Pier. “This pier is one of the oldest attractions on the Outer Banks, but it is barely recognizable by seasonal vacationers as it was rebuilt after being destroyed by Hurricane Isabel (2003),” said Deborah, who has lived and worked in Nags Head for over 25 years. Deborah encouraged me to visit the pier. She is a darling! Deborah orders wings for lunch very regularly with only ranch sauce, and the wings need to be flat. We’ve gotten to know each other pretty well! 

The pier is a “Must See!” attraction. The modern structure has a superb educational center that caters to people of all ages. Off the 1,000-foot long pier people from all cultural backgrounds enjoy fishing. My co-worker, Amber, who grew up in the Outer Banks, loves the summer. She says it is her favourite time because the Outer Banks becomes flooded with tourists, and this presents a good time for her and her friends to make lots of money. 

Sadly, watching the sunset in Nags Head is even more amazing than it is in Jamaica. But do not be upset, it is a fact! Many locals and visitors seek to venture on a journey that will lead them to watch the sunset in Nags Head. It is an amazing experience! After the sun sets, the clouds in their magnificent glory beautify the sky with their reflection. The first time I went to view the sunset, my roommate Johan, who is from Colombia, brought his guitar. We performed for the people who also came to the site for the same purpose. Dorina, my house mate from Hungary, was also there with her friend Zhuban from Kazakhstan.  

Kristin and Steve, who are my bosses, think that the Jockey’s Ridge is an interesting place to visit. This is definitely my next stop! Research shows that it is the largest all natural sand dune system in the Eastern United States. With such a plethora of cultural magnification, Nags Head is deemed a premier resort spot off the coast of North Carolina. This place is something special!  

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