Building professional skills in Michigan

By: Johdinann Hartley, Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel participant and 2018 Ambassador Scholar  

This summer, I am working in a fast food franchise in Michigan, which is a very diverse and fast paced work environment. My new home has many tourist attractions, creating a high demand for customer service. So far, I have learned how to provide quality service while developing problem solving and team player skills.  

I have learned that customers expect their orders to be correct and for their food to be made quickly. As a cashier, I am responsible for the first step, which is taking orders correctly. To do this, I repeat the customer’s order back to them and make any suggestions that will ensure they wear a smile when they leave the restaurant. If it so happens that an order is made inaccurate – I fix it as quickly as possible. The customer service and problem-solving skills that I have acquired in Michigan will help me in future professional communication, such as when doing business negotiations. 

Working at the fast food franchise reminds me of the necessity of teamwork. As a group, we deliver quick quality food. For instance, when an order is taken, while one person handles the transactions, another cooks the food, then a third person packs the food, and finally a fourth person gives the meal to the customer. Together we deliver a full service. This skill is also helpful in organizing formal groups. I hope to carry this same team-player attitude with me in all of my further endeavors.   

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