English Prep Program Helps Students & Community

By: Annie Reifsnyder, Area Coordinator Southeastern Wisconsin

CCI Greenheart’s ESL and American Culture Program Department welcomed Language Prep students from the FLEX program for a two week homestay program to kick-off their Academic Year Program. For the second year in a row nine students began their ten months in the United States in Milwaukee. In partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee these Future Leaders Exchange students improved their English, explored Milwaukee, and learned about volunteerism. The students each wrote about different aspects of the experience in Milwaukee.

ArrivalKseniya Baulina, Kazakhstan

Our year in the USA was going to start and we were so excited and a little be nervous.  We couldn’t imagine how it would be and what we would have to do.  All FLEX students had a big trip and when we arrived in Milwaukee our local coordinator met us.  We were ready to start a language camp at Boys & Girls Club.

English ClassAlona Dorosheko, Ukraine

We had two weeks of English class, I think the best English class of our lives.   Also we had the funniest teacher – Chuck Tinkler, who made our lessons unforgettable.  Everyone tried to do drama, new games, a lot of essays and tell us stories about weekends.  So, this 17 days will always stay in our green hearts.

Living with Host FamilesAnastasiya Korableva   , Russia

A host family is a real family which loves you the way you are.  We had a great time together and did a lot of interesting things.  It is difficult to leave this family, because they became part of out life.  We will miss our families and remember them all the times in our life.

Milwaukee Public MuseumOmurkan Sabyrzhan kyzy, Kyrgyzstan

One of my goals in Milwaukee was to visit the Milwaukee Public Museum.  It was really happy, great, and unforgettable day.  I saw many interesting, historical and international things.  For example, we got to know about ancient people and how they lived.  Also, we got to know streets, towns, and culture of people in Milwaukee long ago.  Besides them, we watched animals, birds, and plants.  Never I had seen such a large international and historical museum before that day.

Discovery WorldJovidon Rahmonov, Tajikistan

Going to Discovery World was very useful for us.  I’ve never seen something like it before.  We went there during one of the first days of being here, that’s why it also helped us to become one friendly team.  We had a lot of fun there and learned that its architect was Aziz’s host mother.

Wisconsin State Fair Mirzofirdavs Sanginov, Tajikistan    

There are many places of interest in Milwaukee, one of them is State Fair.  We were there and I will never forget this day in our camp.  I found new friends, saw many beautiful places, and others.  I love Wisconsin.

Country SpringsAzizjon Aliev, Tajikistan

Last Friday we went to Country Springs. It was amazing and unforgettable.  It was very useful for us.  There we had a great time.  We played, swam, and it was really cool and fun.  We have played it a slide.  It was an unforgettable day for me.

Camp Whitcomb-Mason Ropes CourseLilia Mamikonyan, Armenia

I was surprised about the ropes course.  I really didn’t expect it.  I had never tried something like that before.  I liked it very much.  It was both interesting and scary, but I enjoyed it.

Volunteering at the Boys & Girls ClubZarastin Holbash, Tajikistan

Its the best feelings which I feel.  I love helping people, because it makes me feel better.  I know that people need my help.  Volunteering with the kids was the best part of this camp, there all are so pretty and friendly.  I love these kids.Boys & Girls Club CEO Vincent Lyles with the Exchange students.

Thank you Boys and Girls Club for welcoming CCI Greenheart FlEX students for another year! To see more about the two week program check out this video:  http://animoto.com/play/jRPoNBmH0AqHAkagDpmATw