Bonding over Trash

By Elyse Voyen, Greenheart Club Intern

CCI Greenheart Local Coordinator Lindsay Zimmerman and Regional Director Lori Tibbett with a group of four CCI Greenheart exchange students (Rina, Fenna, Giulia, and Gonzalo), one outbound american exchange student (Carson), one friend and two host sisters, volunteered at the American River Parkway in Sacramento, California on April 5th clearing trash along the river and trails.

Lori Tibbett remembers the sentiments of her group of volunteers:

“Fenna from Germany said ‘it is so beautiful here, I didn’t know that this was here in the middle of the city of Sacramento.'”

“Gonzalo from Spain said ‘I like to talk to everyone, it was fun to talk to the girl who is going to Spain on an exchange.’”

“All of them said it felt good to do something for others, volunteering was a good feeling!”

CCI Greenheart would like to thank Lori Tibbett, Lindsay Zimmerman and their group of volunteers for working so hard to make our planet a cleaner and happier place!