Eating and Exploring in Peru

By: Sloane Katleman, Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel Partner Relations Coordinator

Traveling to Lima, Peru was an eye-opening experience! The food was fantastic, the people were warm and friendly, and the landscape was breath-taking. Here are my top five favorite experiences during my trip to the Job Fair in Lima.

  1. Meeting and interviewing the Job Fair participants!

I had such a good time meeting and getting to know potential participants for the Winter 2018 Work and Travel program. They told me all about their studies, their career goals and why this program was a good fit for them. Each participant was unique and confident – and I can’t wait to for them to embark on their Work and Travel adventure this coming winter.

  1. Volunteering with Casa Magia.

While I was visiting, Greenheart Exchange’s Lima partner organized a very special volunteer event for us. We had the privilege of volunteering at Casa Magia (“Magic House”) and met with families who have children that are currently undergoing cancer treatments. The kids are able to stay at Casa Magia with one parent while they are in and out of the Lima hospitals. The Casa Magia facility is meant to serve lower income families who live outside of Lima and have no place to stay while they are receiving treatment in the city. After touring the many floors of this incredible facility, we got to socialize and play with the kids and their parents. True to its name, our experience at Casa Magia was magical.

  1. Trying local ceviche and Pisco Sour.

I didn’t know this before traveling to Lima, but Peru is famous for ceviche! Every restaurant has its own distinct ceviche, and from all of the different ceviche dishes I tried during my 9-day trip, I can tell you that each one was fantastic! If you like seafood, you definitely have to give this dish a try. Pisco Sour is also a drink that Peruvians are known for — very tasty!

  1. Biking along the coast to Larcomar.

Lima sits along a beautiful coastline facing the Pacific Ocean. The city is propped up on a cliff overlooking the water, and there are main roads that take you down to a variety of restaurants, stores, and parks at water level. The view is breath-taking, and I highly recommend taking a bike ride to see the sights or taking your lunch to one of the parks!

  1. Perusing the Peruvian markets and local museums.

Before you embark on the rows and rows of markets in Lima, make sure you have some soles in hand! There were so many interesting trinkets in each shop, which not only made for great souvenirs to bring home but also allowed me to learn interesting tidbits about Peruvian history with every stop! Lima is rich with history and also full of museums that teach you all about it.

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