Greenheart, sending partner and host organizations come together under one roof at the International Job Fair in the Dominican Republic – a “remarkable success”!

Job fairs are just one way Greenheart Exchange helps our Host Organizations interview and hire the seasonal staff they need for the coming summer. With Greenheart’s International Job Fairs, Host Organizations travel with Greenheart in order to conduct in-person interviews with candidates and hire the seasonal staff they need in just four days. Greenheart works with our partners to ensure candidates are pre-screened for their English language proficiency and prepared for the job for which they are interviewing. Our international candidates enjoy meeting representatives of their potential Host Organizations and discussing their previous experiences. Host Organizations like meeting participants face-to-face to select the staff that is best for their business and getting a chance to experience the culture of countries from where they hire seasonal staff.

Ivana (pictured in the middle) with host organization representatives

Recently, Greenheart’s Ivana Batkovic, accompanied some of our Host Organizations to the Dominican Republic for in-person interview sessions. Here is her report from the DR, and some insights on what happens at an International Job Fair:

I am thrilled to share the remarkable success of Greenheart Exchange at the recent job fair hosted by the Tourism and Cultural Exchange Office (OFIT) in Santo Domingo. As a sponsor of the “Work and Travel” summer program, Greenheart played a pivotal role in providing over 600 Dominican university students with an unparalleled opportunity for cultural exchange and professional development. The initiative offers eligible Dominican students the chance to work in the United States during the summer, not only gaining valuable work experience but also fostering cultural integration and language skills improvement.

We had an enthusiastic group of various host organizations exclusively present for the occasion. Our team, along with hosts, traveled to Santo Domingo and received a warm welcome, immersing ourselves in the best of Dominican hospitality and cuisine. The festivities kicked off with a vibrant opening ceremony featuring music, dancing, and even a confetti machine, setting the tone for an exciting and engaging job fair.

The entire event was a testament to OFIT’s meticulous organization. There were no delays and it was a seamless flow of activities. Greenheart staff and hosts were impressed by the DR participants’ skills, talent, and charisma. This year, Greenheart participants will be in various U.S. states, including Maryland, Maine, Pennsylvania, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Virginia, Connecticut, and Colorado, showcasing the high regard in which our candidates are held by hiring hosts.

In conclusion, Greenheart’s commitment to the success of the Work and Travel program was evident throughout the event. Our participation not only showcased the incredible opportunities provided to Dominican youth but also reinforced our dedication to fostering cross-cultural understanding and professional growth. The trip left an indelible mark on everyone involved, creating lasting memories of a truly unique and unrepeatable experience.

Thanks, Ivana, for sharing and special thanks to our Host Organizations, Sending Partners, and all the people who came out to the Job Fair in the DR.

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