My 5 Most Memorable Moments from Greenheart English Camp

When students return home from Greenheart English Camp, it’s a whirlwind! After spending three weeks in California speaking English and making new friends, and within 24 hours campers are reintroduced to their life at home. Although they quickly readjust, it is wonderful to hear about the moments that have really stuck with them over time. Noora, one of our campers from 2016 wrote to us after returning to the United Arab Emirates, describing her five most memorable moments from Camp. Some of these memories occurred during our everyday activities, but the fact that they are special to her shows just how extraordinary everyday moments can be!

By: Noora Alhammadi, Greenheart English Camp participant 2016

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese

When I came back to my country I really couldn’t remember the days that camp happened, but I can remember many moments from the different days of camp.

My first memory is from when we were playing a game after dinner. It was a challenge to put a cookie into your mouth without touching it. Andrea and Ahmed were the first ones who tried, but no one won, but I still remember the trial to put the cookies into their mouths.

The second memory is when we painted the rocks for the rock garden. I painted mine and I wrote “Summer2016 ” and then I showed it to Danielle and she told me my handwriting is wonderful, because not everyone is good at writing on something else than paper.

The third memory is when we were making the cookies in the kitchen. It was an amazing experience for us to cook and make our own dough. We put in a lot of effort to find a good result.

The fourth memory is from when we were in Petaluma farm. It was my first time doing something related to farming. Also I tried to eat the fresh strawberries from the soil into my mouth without washing it! I know that sounds weird, but it was delicious!

And the fifth memory is when we made our dream boards. I feel it was an amazing day when we did it. I also loved when we tie dyed our shirts with the different colors.

Honestly this vacation was my best vacation I’ve ever had. I would call this summer the Unforgettable Summer 2016.

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