Greenheart Wins 2018 Best Education Abroad Provider by WYSTC
Our signature leadership program, the Greenheart Odyssey, topped the shortlist of initiatives honoring the best in cultural exchange. Judges of the WYSTC awards were among top industry experts in the field.

A Holiday in the United States

By: Daiana Jara, 2018 Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel participant

Celebrating Christmas away from my country (Paraguay) was hard, but I was very happy to share the best of Paraguay with Americans and Peruvians. Though it was different from how I celebrate at home, it was a very special night. I was far away from my family and country, but this holiday, the emotions were different. I was experiencing my first Christmas with other young people who shared the same dreams as me!

We celebrated by eating a traditional Paraguayan meal, and ate it by the fireplace in our host organization’s home; this was special because I was able to cook for our celebration! I often cook at home in Paraguay, but I have never cooked for Christmas before. Luckily, everyone liked it – and I hope to cook more when I get back home.

This was a very special holiday; I felt the love and affection of everyone around me. It was unforgettable, and I learned that dreams come true. I never thought that I would be in the United States, before I would just see pictures of it in the movies, but now it is my reality! This was such a unique experience and I will remember it forever.

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