Community Support Groups Open Doors to Summer Work and Travel Participants to Make the Most of their Exchange Experience!

Our J-1 exchange visitors appreciate many forms of support during their time away from home, family, and friends. Community Support Groups (CSGs) provide a key support to Summer Work Travel (SWT) exchange visitors who temporarily live and work in their local areas. That gives SWT participants a greater sense of comfort and belonging. Additionally, community groups works towards identifying issues and concerns in their area, find solutions, and raise awareness among the community and businesses about the Summer Work Travel program. With the help and support of CSGs, Summer Work Travel participants enjoy a safe and fun environment and it is a better experience for everyone, including the community.

        Community Support Group Frisco Winter Welcome Party

On a larger scale, international visitors take those experiences home and talk to their family and peers about the USA, which informs other parts of the world about key American values like diversity, equality, and tolerance. This all contributes to building strong bridges of understanding between the U.S. and other countries.

Kathleen Mears, Greenheart Employer Relations, and a former leader in founding and working with CSGs, shares:
“Community leaders, Chambers of Commerce, host organizations, volunteers, and sponsors focus their outreach efforts on Summer Work and Travel participants, with the purpose of creating a safe and fun environment for these international university students who come to work in their community.What about CSG meetings? “CSG meetings go over housing in the community, transportation, plan events such as welcome events, activities, safety orientations, J-1 Exchange Day and end of year party.” Although J-1 participants do not attend those meetings, it is part of CSGs’ planning to offer SWT exchange visitors the support they need.

Community Support Group Wildwood, NJ

Community Support Groups (CSGs) are critical also to host organizations who also want to provide good health, safety, welfare, and a positive experience not just for the participants, but for the community, and for the hosts’ customers. The Summer Work and Travel Program is designed to build mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. Bringing motivated and enthusiastic university students to the USA for seasonal staffing is an excellent way to educate and support the development of peaceful international relations.

CSGs work hand-in-hand with hosts throughout the winter and summer seasons. To find a CSG in your area please go to BridgeUSA Summer Work Travel Community Support Groups


Community Support Groups are coming back to pre-pandemic meetings across America! Also, the Community Support Group Summit will take place in Myrtle Beach, SC, on November 12-15th, 2024.

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