It’s Official! We’ve Changed Our Name.

Our Work and Travel team, known as CCI or CCI Greenheart, has some exciting news to share with you: We’ve changed our name! It is our pleasure to introduce… Greenheart Exchange!

We know that you may have a lot of questions, so we have done our best to answer them below. We are excited about this new direction and we hope that you are too! Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions to learn all about it:

Why are you changing your name?
With this name change, we are able to better align with our parent company, Greenheart International and fellow branches: Greenheart Shop, Greenheart Transforms, and Greenheart Travel.

Name change?! When was this decision made?
We made this decision in 2012 when our parent company, Greenheart International, was formed. Since so many people knew many of our programs as “CCI”, we allowed for five years of transition in order to make the change as easy and seamless as possible.

Does this mean your programs are changing?
Nope, we are still the “CCI” you know and love. Our high school, Summer Work Travel, and internship/trainee programs within the “CCI Greenheart” branch will stay the same … Just with a new name!

Uh oh! How does this affect your involvement with the U.S. Department of State?
Our current designations and relationship with the Department of State will remain exactly the same after this change. You can rest assured that as an organization we will be just as involved in D.C.!

Will this affect any participants that are already in the U.S.?
No, we were strategic in making this change later in the summer for this exact reason. Our name change should not impact any of our participants when they enter or leave the United States.

As an international partner, will the name change affect our contract?
Nope! This summer, we have already begun contracting “Greenheart Exchange” instead of “CCI Greenheart.” Only the name will change, not our relationship with you.

But the name “CCI” is everywhere! When will we see this name change reflected on all of your social media accounts?
Although our Work and Travel program name is officially Greenheart Exchange, we will have a digital launch in September 2017 when our High School program department changes their name as well.

What is a digital launch?
Since we share our website and social media accounts with other great programs within our branch, we are waiting until September to make it official on the web.

Want to learn more about this exciting change? Check out this press release introducing Greenheart Exchange! Have other questions? Email our rebranding team. We would love to hear from you.