Summer Work and Travel 2023 Participant Experience Highlights!

Every summer, Greenheart Exchange sponsors thousands of international undergraduate students who come to spend their summer in the U.S. working and traveling.

Designated by the U.S. Department of State as a J-1 visa sponsor, the Greenheart Exchange program allows eligible participants to work in a variety of seasonal positions throughout the United States for up to four months. With an intentional emphasis on cultural exchange, our Summer Work and Travel program promotes language exchange, building international friendships, developing cross cultural understanding and so much more!

Here are some of the experiences our participants shared with us this summer. They are also Greenheart’s Photo Contest winners!

Marcelina from Poland told us how her summer has been going:

“Colorado is full of nature with astonishing animals, wonderful mountains, big forests and amazing people. I have a feeling that this state is perfect for students who seek a break from the noise of big cities and to be more connected to nature. With those pictures I can share with you amazing moments that I had, like saving the hummingbird or seeing moose, climbing to the rocks and mountains. In all those adventures, I met extremely nice people that were happy to help or chat with me. I’m really happy for choosing Colorado. I’m really happy and glad I’m taking part in such a great opportunity – the Work and Travel exchange program.”

Ismael from the Dominican Republic did not hesitate to show the incredible experiences he came across in Maine:
“This picture captures the essence of my exchange experience in the USA. Every day, discovering new places, meeting awesome people, and making the most of this summer. Can’t wait to see what adventures the rest of my stay in this amazing country holds for me!”

Junior from Ghana, told us about his joyful time in New York:
“On the first day of reporting to USA, I was happy with the place we resided in, in New York. I enjoyed going to the beach and exploring on my days off work. I visited the Harley Davidson Museum and enjoyed the day and party show that took place at the museum. I was able to mingle in the party, and try some of the American food and beverages that are served in American events and restaurants. During my time in the New York orientation, we visited the Times Square and Manhattan – I was very happy to see the big screens and the way the place was crowded with both Americans and international immigrants and non-immigrants.”

In his own words, Roshaun from Jamaica, placed in Idaho, shared:
“This summer has been amazing so far, I’m so grateful this program exists because I’m being exposed to so many different, new, exciting and interesting things and people. I really do love and enjoy every moment and I’ll definitely be sad when it’s time to leave. There are so many new things that I’ve indulged in this year, such as hiking mountains and biking in beautiful and serene trails and still planning to do many more. Idaho is so beautiful and brings me peace every time I stare at nature. The people are wonderful and I feel oddly at home in a whole different country.”

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