U.S. Department of Education – National Assessment Of Educational Progress (NAEP) Selects Greenheart’s Teacher as Member of the Educator Advisory Committee for the 2028 NAEP Science Framework!

Greenheart is thrilled to learn that one of our International Teachers, Genevieve Garcia from the Philippines, was selected to be part of the U.S. Department of Education – National Assessment Of Educational Progress (NAEP) as a member of the Educator Advisory Committee on the 2028 NAEP Science Framework. Congratulations Genevieve!

We caught up with Genevieve and asked her to share her story.

I am Genevieve Garcia, a middle school and high school teacher at Kotlik School, Alaska. As an international exchange teacher at my school, I was able to participate and explore Alaskan Native culture and traditions. Subsistence is one of the major parts of Alaskan culture and lifestyle that has existed for thousands of years. So, I joined in subsistence activities with the students, such as berry picking and ice fishing, and many more. My students and the school staff also introduced me to their traditions and cuisines, and in return, I introduced them to my culture and traditions. The sharing of culture and traditions was a great learning experience for me – and a lot of fun too.

I am thankful for Greenheart for this J-1 program because I was able to participate as a member of the Educational Advisory Committee (EAC) project advisor of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Science Team. This opportunity gave me a chance to share my knowledge of science for the update of the 2028 Science Assessment Framework for American students. I am responsible for responding to issues raised during project assessment framework panel deliberations. The Science Framework is central to NAEP’s measurement and reporting of student science achievement and educational experiences in 2028 and beyond. Thus, being part of the science team makes my J1 journey most valuable.

“I was also chosen as a Science Assessment standard validator, item data and item content reviewer of Alaska Department of Education. With this J1 visa program, I was able to share my expertise to the American students. So grateful to Greenheart for this life-changing opportunity.

Indeed, the J1 program has a great impact on students’ cultural and traditional experiences. Students are able to explore experiences beyond their classroom and community. Greenheart is supportive to educational and cultural exchange teachers and makes a great partner for the host school. My J1 journey gave me a sense of pride in sharing my culture, traditions, and academic knowledge with my students, the whole community, and all of America’s students.

Thank you Genevieve for sharing your success story with us, and for brining a fresh perspective and valuable viewpoints into U.S. classrooms. We are confident that your U.S. students gained an exposure to new ideas and have gained a wider understanding of the world around the. We wish you all the best with the remainder of your Teach USA program in the United States.

Greenheart’s Teach USA program connects enthusiastic, highly-qualified international teachers with U.S. primary and secondary schools to promote cultural understanding and public diplomacy. Greenheart facilitates an exceptional professional exchange program for teachers from all around the world to share their knowledge and experience in the U.S. Through travel and cultural exchange, we help individuals reach their full potential, leading to a more tolerant, peaceful, and environmentally-sustainable world.

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